Friday, March 27, 2015

We are still here! :-)

We have been terrible, terrible bloggers!  We promise that we have good reasons!  :)

Kristen has been busy with her new baby girl, Cora, who is turning ONE next week and Katie has some very exciting news, too!  She and her family will be gaining a new bundle of love in September!

We have been busy mamas with our babies (hubbies, too!).  Both Kristen and Katie have had the honor of being present at some amazing births over the past few years- Katie even had the (very unexpected) privilege of catching Kristen's baby, Cora, on Kristen's bathroom floor!  It was pure awesome craziness and we thank God that we were all protected!

Kristen had her first birth post-baby late summer.  It was a beautiful water birth and perfect transition for Kristen as it was her first time leaving Cora!

Katie continues to work tirelessly at her "day job", so her ability to take on more clients has been limited, but please know that she wishes that she could be there for every potential client she meets.

We would like to say congratulations to all of our new parents!  You have all rocked your births and have amazing squishes to prove that!

It has, truly, been our honor to be invited to all of our client's birth spaces!  We thank you and we look forward to all of our future clients!

With gratitude,
Kristen & Katie

PS...Happy World Doula Week to all of our lovely sister doulas!  {March 22-28}

Saturday, September 7, 2013


Hello friends!

We apologize for the lack of activity here!  If you were not aware of our Facebook page, we are much quicker to update our Facebook page at than this blog.  Facebook makes it so easy to share articles directly to our doula page!  So, if you haven't been there, head on over and "LIKE" our page!  :)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

We've been terrible bloggers!

Our apologies for the lack of posts as of late, but we've been busy birthing babies!

Some have been looooooooooooooong and complicated, though ultimately they ended with happy mamas and babies. And Kristen even attended (barely) a birth in triage last month. We're super glad she didn't have to catch a baby on the freeway!

Yesterday Kristen and I assisted a young mama who labored beautifully and tirelessly all day - ending up with a beautiful, healthy 7 pound 8 ounce baby girl after 18 hours of textbook labor. (We like those!)

We'll get some new testimonials up soon, and hopefully return to more regular posting. We already have ladies contacting us for August births, so if you're considering a doula for a summer due date, hurry up and call!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thankful & Blessed

On November 10th, 2012 the Piedmont Area Doula Association, aka PADA ( and The Creative Center of Greensboro ( hosted a Baby Belly Bazaar. There were vendors lined up along the walls- all vendors had a special interest in babies and/or childbirth. There were also belly dancers, photographers, and belly painters. I had asked my dear friend, Karen, to join me. I was going as a PADA member to support our doula businesses and she is pregnant with a baby boy, due in March. Our busy lives have kept us from spending any quality time together so it was a perfect recipe for us to have the “us” time that all friends need. Karen and I had made our rounds through the event and we both needed a bit of a rest, so we headed over to the PADA table. I took it upon myself to demonstrate how to use a birthing ball. As I was sitting there, rocking and bouncing, a young mother of twin toddler boys came in. She was, obviously, expecting another blessing. I asked her when she was due and she replied, “November 30th”. I, then, asked her if she had a doula for her upcoming birth. Unfortunately, she didn’t have a doula nor did she have any knowledge of what a doula was or what a doula was for. I spent the next few minutes explaining what a doula is and the benefits of having one. She immediately had a look that told me that she really could use the support of a doula, followed by her story that definitely told me that she desperately needed support. The more I spoke to this young woman, the more I felt connected to her and wanted to help her. I gave her my card and said, “Please call me. We will work it out”. I was nervous that she would never contact me and then two days later- an e-mail.
“…I know it may sound trite, but I feel that I met you for a reason and as the time for delivery draws nearer, the thoughts of going through this without someone like you scares me…”
I knew that I had to help her. I, too, felt that I met her for a reason. I agreed to volunteer to be her birth doula. We had just over two weeks to get to know each other, put together her birth plan, and get ready for baby. I got the call that it was Baby Time around 7am on Wednesday, November 28th. After a long labor (over 48 hours), Baby Shawn was born via caesarean section. She was such an amazing laboring Momma! She did everything I threw at her with position changes and breathing techniques. We labored in the bathtub, shower, and birthing pool. We did everything we could, but Baby was full sunny-side up. Momma’s cervix was swelling, as was baby’s head. Then, baby had enough and told us with his heart rate. While, Momma wanted so desperately for a VBAC, her son was born with 9/10 APGAR scores- healthy! And, that’s what it is all about- bringing baby into Momma’s arms the safest way possible. I now have a forever friend in this Momma; I will forever be Baby Shawn’s Fairy GodDoula; and for this I am thankful and blessed. ~Kristen

Saturday, November 10, 2012

What Doulas Really Do

I saw this today at the Baby Belly Bazaar in Greensboro.  I have to chuckle.  And, to our dear clients- wands with fairy dust are available upon request.  ; )


Monday, October 15, 2012

Birth Is Like Fingerprints

I thought of this comparison the other day after the beautiful birth of a precious baby boy.

There is not one birth exactly like the other.  All pregnant women have their own unique birth stories, just as they have their own unique fingerprints.

This is one of the things that I love about childbirth!  Yes, we may use some of the same tricks, but what may have worked for one may not work for another! 

Listen to your body and what it is telling you.  Just because your Mother had long labors and big babies doesn't mean that will be you, too.  Embrace the moment as YOURS! 

I know that Katie and I are honored to be a part of your baby's birth day!


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Expecting a Child with Special Needs?

I am blessed, yes blessed, to be a member of the Special Needs Community.  My son, Ethan, was born with Down syndrome.  My husband and I were unaware of his diagnosis prior to birth.  This community has opened up my world to new experiences and knowledge!  I did not have a doula with the birth of my son, but I would have LOVED one!  My husband was amazing, handling everything like a champ as I insisted on a med-free birth.  It would have been great to have that added support for him as I just know he was scared seeing me in that pain. 

I mention this because I want all the expectant Mother's out there to know that I bring added experience to the table.  I know the fear that is felt when a diagnosis is given after birth, but I also know the love, too.  So, whether you know prenatally that your child may be born with special needs or you don't find out until after he/she is born, I want to be there for you as your support- as your doula.  You deserve it.